DIY: embellished jean jacket

This jacket is the perfect piece for this in-between season where it is too cold for a t-shirt but too warm for a full on coat. Plus, I am loving the little pop of color and pattern it adds to my mostly black winder wardrobe!

For this project I wanted it to be a little rough around the edges (litteraly) so I stifled my perfectionist instincts and just went with it… and oh was that fun!

I started with a thristed oversized jean jacket and another thrifted jacket for the fabric. I mapped out where I wanted to embellish and traced those pieces onto brown paper bag to make pattern pieces.

I cut lightweight wonder-under and my  fabric out of each piece and pressed it all together. To secure it even better I hand sewed around all of the edges… these stitches show and are kinda messy… I love the detail and “handmade” look they give.

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I love the smell of freshly pressed muslin, am a huge fan of any form of potato and always judge a book by it's cover

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