gettin’ festive

this is one of the easiest ways to make something boring more “festive.” I thought these could be great at a holiday party or tied to a jar of jam as a gift… not to mention it is always fun to play with glitter! ha

here’s how you do it… decide what you want to glitter- I used cheap pate knives I found in the dollar section at Target. On a disposable plate or bowl mix Modge Modge and glitter-enough so that the glitter is COMPLETELY covered. Paint the glitter on, the word paint is not the best…. it is more like frosting a cake, go thick and even. Let it dry so that the glitter isn’t touching anything- I cut slits into the top of plastic cups to hold my knives. done.

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I love the smell of freshly pressed muslin, am a huge fan of any form of potato and always judge a book by it's cover

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