little boxes (full of ticky-tacky)

Oh wait; you don’t hear the Weeds theme song every time you hear the term “little boxes”?

These were my coworker gifts… can I tell you I hate having to think this through every year… nothing too big or too cheap… I like to be thoughtful, but who has time to be thoughtful for like 20 coworkers? This year I boxed up a few little treats (caramels, soda cracker candy, and peanut butter balls) with a label and a pom- pom. They turned out pretty perky and happy and festive, I think.

I did a bigger version for those few co-workers that I am closer to. These had individual boxes of each treat as well as candied orange peel and a jar of homemade jam… and lots of labels! ha

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I love the smell of freshly pressed muslin, am a huge fan of any form of potato and always judge a book by it's cover

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