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I was reading cosmo one night after filing out a pile of “I miss you” cards that I had bought at the store. I stumbled across a game in the issue, I don’t even remember how to play the game, I believe dice were involved… but there were also a bunch of great questions that make you think about what you love about each other and remind you of some of the best parts of your relationship. I turned it into my own game (and to be honest, I changed a a bunch of the questions around).

All I did was wrote down  questions on mini cards asking him to email me the answers. I love that we will be thinking about the best parts of each other and our relationship while we are goign through a harder time.

some question ideas:

what is your favorite memory we have together?

what were you first attracted to about me?

when did you first know you loved me?

what is your favorite garment of clothing I own?

what are three words you would use to describe our relationship?

some of the cards I collected from stores as well as home made cards, post cards from home, a friendship bracelet, and pictures!

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  1. Tami October 21, 2011 at 8:56 pm #

    Tate you are adorable! Sean is one lucky guy! Oh, and I sent Toby that same “this is you. this is me…” card years ago when we were long distance. :)

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