step away from the computer- part 2

A long while back I wrote this post about stepping away from my computer and challenging myself creatively. I mentioned that for my sewing is relaxing and rarely challenging anymore and that I was planning on trying things creativly that made me use my brain a little more. I wanted to touch back on the subject… because it is SO so important to me.

I love to challenge myself in all parts of my life… okay, okay… I actually hate it! ha But I LOVE the feeling of getting through something that wasn’t comfortable for me. Whether it is trying a new recipe or creative technique, eating something I wouldn’t normally do, going to a movie alone, or moving by myself across the country… I have learned something new about myself and grown as a person with every challenge. Challenging myself creatively is so important so that I can grow as a designer, (I would hate to be out-done by these new just-out-of-college interns :) ¬†better understand my personal style and aesthetic… and honestly I joke sometime that I worry about my brain attrophying if I stop using it!

Between Groupon classes, and schools and organizations around portland I have now taken classes in glass fusing, letter press, block printing, calligraphy (don’t expect so see this anytime soon… I suck), and just this passed weekend I FINALLY learned how to use my camera! Next I am stepping up my sewing skills to use industrial sewing machines (I haven’t touched one since school… and they scare me!). Through this growth process I have used my brain a lot… but just as important I have been more social (crafting is a very lonely hobby), learned the important lesson that you don’t have to be perfect,and gotten my hands very dirty (computer mouses just don’t have that same quality!).

Have you tried something new lately?


*the photo is the view from my computer at work, the hands print is from Marc Johns, the pen sketch I got in Hong Kong, and the “abstract art” is by my nephew :)

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2 Responses to step away from the computer- part 2

  1. dumb mom March 10, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    I have jumped into the DIY ream a bit. I sorta hate it, but I need to do it for like frugality and stuff. Oh, and reading more blogs. I forgot how inspiring meeting new bloggers can be:).

  2. tate March 10, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

    DIY is a GREAT way to save money… I always love when ppl compliment me on things or ask where I got something, and I can say “oh, I made it” much better then saying a designer name :)

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